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June 18th, 2021

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Event Description

Transforming the economy will require one of the most significant collaboration efforts ever undertaken. The good news is a thriving circular economy ecosystem is already taking shape in Australia.

This 45-minute webinar will introduce you to two leaders of Australia’s emerging circular economy ecosystem — Sean Trewick, CEO of Circular Economy Victoria, and Yasmin Grigaliunas, CEO and co-founder of World’s Biggest Garage Sale. Dr Nicole Garofano, Head of Circular Economy Development at Planet Ark, also joins to moderate the event.

The session is designed for innovators who want to become active members of Australia’s circular economy ecosystem. You will learn:

  • Why networks are important in the circular economy — a crash course in systems thinking

  • Who the key players are in Australia’s circular economy ecosystem

  • The ‘how’ of developing a circular project, including setbacks and successes

  • How you can participate in the network

Watch the webinar:

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Meet the speakers:

Dr Nicole Garofano, Planet Ark

Dr Nicole Garofano is Head of Circular Economy Development for Planet Ark’s ACE Hub. In her role, Nicole is leading the ongoing strategic development of the ACE Hub, building on her passion for creating change in how we generate and manage resources. 

Nicole has worked in environmental education with a focus on waste management for more than 15 years, designing and managing community-based initiatives, driving green business programs and developing climate change adaptation educational tools.

Most recently prior to joining Planet Ark, Nicole completed a PhD focused on the plastic food and beverage packaging value chain, identifying both local and global innovation to improve chain activities and outcomes. 

Sean Trewick, Circular Economy Victoria

Sean is an emerging leader in the circular economy space in Victoria, Australia. In his role as founding Director of Circular Economy Victoria, Sean is bringing government, industry, and community change-makers together to develop localised circular innovation hubs to drive the transition to a circular economy forward.

Drawing inspiration from his roots in South Africa, Sean believes in the power of Ubuntu to unite people around a common goal. A systems thinker with high levels of empathy, he highlights the value and importance of every individual’s role within the transition towards a circular economy.

Yasmin Grigaliunas, World’s Biggest Garage Sale

Yasmin Grigaliunas is the CEO and co-founder of the World’s Biggest Garage Sale (WGBS), an entrepreneur of impact and a circular economy pioneer in Australia. Yasmin is driving this industry forward by innovating, collaborating, connecting and mobilising multiple stakeholders towards a shared vision, all while providing social good.

WBGS is activating the circular economy through the recovery of dormant goods and recently launched Australia's first Circular Economy Precinct. The social enterprise is powered by its purpose to provide meaningful employment and pathways for disadvantaged youth. Yasmin and her organisation are living proof that you can provide a positive impact for people and planet.

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This program has been made possible thanks to grant funding from the Australian Government and our valued sponsors BINGO Industries, KeepCup and Planet Ark Power.

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